Dalle Chilli (The Cherry Pepper)-Sale

Fresh dalle chilli
Fresh Dalle

The cherry pepper widely known as the dalle khursani in the north eastern(Sikkim, Darjling)  parts of india is an essential ingredient of the pungent chutney that accompanies the momo. tart and round, these chilies ripen to a bright  red and make for a pretty picture, however the scoville scale indicates that its pungency is very high and rates it in the range of 100,000 to 350 000 shu(scoville heat units) quite similar to the shu of habanero chilies.

We procure and sell high quality hand picked Dalle khursani from sikkim, India .
Please write to sales@Dallechilli.com with your requirement for a quotation.

Preserved Dalle khursani , Cherry Pepper 

preserved dalle chilli , dalle khursani
Preserved dalle chilli , dalle khursani
  • We procure and preserve Dalle  chilli.
  • We ship fresh Dalle within India and preserved Dalle across the globe, you can also specify how you would want the preservation to be done.
  • Generally preservation is done by using Sesame or Peanut oil but, we can custom preserve according to specification.

Write to Sales@DalleChilli.com with your requirement for getting an instant quote.

Dalle Pickle for sale 

Dalle khursani, cherry pepper
Dalle khursani, cherry pepper

Freshly made Dalle pickle is available for sale in India and across the globe.

There are three type of pickles available –

  1. Vinegar based pickle.
  2. Lemon and Dalle mix pickle.
  3. Dalle only pickle in mustard oil with yellow mustard and other Indian herbs.

Please write to Sales@Dallechilli.com for requesting a quotation.


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